Criterii şi niveluri de performanţă ale sistemelor de etanşare la apă, cu durată de utilizare extinsă, rezistente la impactul factorilor de mediu / Criteria and levels of performance in water proof systems with extended use duration resistant to environmental impact [in Romanian]

Eugen Popescu, Cora Stamate

Rezumat/Abstract. Water sealing systems are continuous and homogeneous structure protection elements or parts of the construction against water infiltration and / or water seepage and / or humidity of the natural environment. The need to align to European norms requires reconsideration of the conceptual elements, following the emergence and implementation of new European standards on quality performance of waterproofing materials (membranes) and their ways of determining, through a new classification system and new procedures for laboratory and developing a evaluation model of waterproofing membranes. The article presents the criteria and performance levels of water sealing systems with extended use duration, resistant to impact of environmental factors on construction in line with new European regulations referred to above. Also, are establish the categories of qualitative assessment of waterproofing membranes.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: water sealing systems, extended duration of use, construction

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