Dezvoltarea spaţială durabilă a fronturilor la apă din punctul de vedere al anvelopării spaţiale / Sustainable spatial development of waterfronts from a spatial enveloping viewpoint [in Romanian]

Daniel Comşa, Rara Petrescu

Rezumat/Abstract. The main goal of this paper is to illustrate through specific examples of European cities a few intervention actions for waterfront revitalization , in the current context of the sustainable spatial development. Multiple and varied approaches proves a real interest in these areas located along the water, areas that displays a great environmental and architectural potential for the city and its people. Restorating a valuable space without permanent interventions, generating and locating major objectives, implementating new principles based on diversity and flexibility or assigning radical functiones, developing pedestrian areas, protecting traditional areas, resume and integrates some of the attitudes adopted by major cities in their present requeste for dialogue with nature, in this case represented by water, building a new identity with past items. Waterfronts, although located in a controversial area, may be the answer of the current issues raised by sustainable development, offering a new challenge and a real opportunity at the same time, for architects and for society.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: waterfronts, revitalization, sustainable development, intervetion principle, spatial envelope

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