Stand pentru încercarea grinzilor precomprimate U 37m / Stand for testing pre-compressed beams U 37m [in Romanian]

Mircea Păstrav

Rezumat/Abstract. As part of conformity certification process of prefabricated beams used for bridges and viaducts on Transylvania Motorway, a prestressed concrete U-sha ped beam of 37. 10 m span with superior slab cast in situ was subjected to a resistance test. Due to beam overa ll dimensions of 3.30 x 2. 50 x 37.10 m and to the important forces which have to be applied it has been necessary to build an adequate stand right near the precast site. Paper briefly presents the mechanical, technological, economical and work safety requirements, the design and the actual implementation of the one of the largest testing stands in our country.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: resistance test, stand, precast prestressed concrete beam

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