Coordonate economice şi dimensiuni ale coeziunii sociale în dezvoltarea zonelor metropolitane / Economic coordinates and dimensions of social cohesion in the development of metropolitan areas [in Romanian]

Elena Stancu, Dora Alexa Morcov, Victor Gheorghe, Simona Branişte

Rezumat/Abstract. Coordinates and dimensions of social cohesion in metropolitan areas-development (DEMOS) was a research and development project funded by the State budget of the Ministry of Education and Research- The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) under the Excellence CEEX-Research Programme. The project a ms the creation of a socio-economic model which provides criteria for the assessment of the extent of the current development of the city with the opportunities and the effects of economic, social, political and cultural. Consortium which has realized the project has resulted in coordination of Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and included the partners: National Defense University Carol I, "Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University", University of architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", University of Bucharest, INCD - URBANPROIECT, CURS-S.A. The project had been developed under these objectives: territorial cohesion through the promotion of susta ina ble socio-economic ba lance and improve competitiveness, encourage the development of urban functions through the improvement of relations between urban and rural, promotion of accessibility conditions more balanced, facilitating access to information and knowledge, reducing environmental damage, recovery and protection of natural resources and heritage.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: metropolitan zones, social cohesion, sustainable development

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