Tehnici de analiză privind influenţa utilizării armăturii zincate termic asupra durabilităţii betonului armat / Analytical techniques on the influence of using zinc enforcements on the durability of enforced concrete [in Romanian]

Andreea Hegyi, Carmen Dico

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper briefly presents the results of experimental research on the influence of using zinc hot dip galvanized rebar on the durability of reinforced concrete. For this purpose, the loss of adherence between the rebar and the concrete matrix was determined, as well as the reduction of resistance to splitting due to accelerated corrosion of samples of hot dip galvanized rebar vs. steel not protected against corrosion. Using electrochemical analysis techniques (chrono-amperometry, linear polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) the kinetics and mechanism of the corrosion of the rebar in the reinforced concrete due to the action of chlorine ions was studied. The results prove a lower speed and better resistance to corrosion of yinc hot dip galvanized rebar, leading to an increased lifetime of reinforced concrete structures.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: corrosion, reinforced concrete, hot dip galvanized rebar

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