Monitorizarea instrumentală a construcţiilor la cutremur / Earthquake instrumental monitoring of buildings [in Romanian]

Emil-Sever Georgescu, Ioan Constantin Praun, Ioan Sorin Borcia

Rezumat/Abstract. For the constructors, monitoring has common meanings with the usual terms surveillance, follow up, control etc. of the behavior of buildings determined by their location. The scientific literature uses “monitoring of the structural status”. The analysis of the behavior of different categories of constructions in case of an earthquake and the assessment of effects presumes, in addition to a detailed visual examination of the state of constructions and recording the observed damages, a series of experimental determinations in order to know the real resistance capacity of the damaged construction, establishing the consolidation solutions. In this context, determining the own oscillation periods of a building and comparing them with the original data represent a first method to globally appreciate the variation of the rigidity of a building after earthquake solicitation. The paper specifically presents the manner of using field observation data and instrumental data within the seismic network of INCERC when associated with advanced processing. The paper underlines the need for an extended instrumentation of buildings of national interest, such that information on the behavior of some structural categories could be available in a short time interval after the occurrence of an earthquake.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: earthquake, instrumental monitoring, constructions, consolidation

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