Planul de Amenajare a Teritoriului Judeţean Vrancea / Vrancea County Spatial Plan [in Romanian]

Elena Stancu, Elena Avădanei, Alina Chicoş, Florin Chiperi, Mariana Dorobanţu, Irina Moldoveanu, Viorica Niculescu, Cosmin Olteanu, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor, Gabriel Preoteasca, Monica Tache, Dinu Zaharescu, Cristina Ivana, Mioara Dumitru, Ancuţa Ghioldea, Veronica Crăciun, Adriana Calderan, Iosefina Bogdan, Gabi Niţu, Consuela Neacşa, Ion Horşia

Rezumat/Abstract. Plan of the Vrancea County is the spatial expression of the socio-economic development of the County. The study will provide a global framework for possibilities and uniform development in regional and national context. P.A.T.J. Vrancea seeks to optimize the use of natural resources, the use of work resources and the distribution of the popula tion in order to create a permanent balance between how to exploit the natural and economic potential, of the one part, and the protection of the environment, on the other hand, through a responsible management of the territory in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. P.A.T.J. Vrancea aimed at solving specific problems of the territory in the context of efficiency, fairness, transparency and the involvement of communities in decision-making.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: spatial plan of Vrancea County, sustainable development, development strategies, development programs

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