Avantaje competitive în teritorii identitar-productive din spaţiul rural românesc – cazul zonelor viticole / Competitive advantages of identity-productive territories in Romanian rural space – wine regions [in Romanian]

Alina Chicoş

Rezumat/Abstract. The analysis focused on shaping and describing some identity-producing categories of territories, focusing on those with a potential for the wine industry, starting from the premise according to which natural resources of a territory could not only represent a comparative advantage for the economic development of a region, but especially a competitive advantage. Laborious analyses performed at this stage confirm the competitive advantage theory for the Romanian regions of development as well, since 2003 and 2007 comparative data aggregated per region indicate that the regions with the highest potential for a culture have in 2007 the lowest production for the respective culture, confirming the insufficiency of the comparative advantage,of favorable natural conditions existing in a economy. The objective of the phase proposed initially was reached by demonstrating the importance of competitive advantage in stimulating the increase of competitiveness in the rural space. The detailed presentation of productive potential, presented in graphs at different territorial levels could support the next phase of the project, aiming to analyze the stimulation of rural development in identity producing territories starting from underlining the restrictive factors for the valorization of the agricultural potential of the Romanian rural space, especially those related to the national spatial planning policies.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: competitive advantage, comparative advantage, wine industry, spatial planning

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