Sistem integrat spaţial (GIS) de valorificare a zonelor alpine greu accesibile şi cu potenţial turistic complex, pentru includerea lor în circuitul turistic. Dezvoltare de caz: Valea Lotrului - Valea Olteţului / GIS for valorizing hardly accessible mountain areas with a complex touristic potential, for inclusion in circuits. Case study: Lotru Valley - Olteţ Valley [in Romanian]

Oana Popescu

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper presents a project carried on during 2007-2010 by NRI URBAN-INCERC, URBANPROIECT branch – lead partner, NRI TOURISM, ELECTROVÂLCEA S.R.L. and the Institute of Geography at the Romanian Academy. The phases of the project were: (1) mountain areas in Europe and Romania: characteristics, regional policies and trends of development, (2) elaboration of a spatial (GIS) database with information needed to evaluate Romanian hardly accessible mountain areas with a high touristic potential, (3) actual spatial development model and the practice of tourism in a hardly accessible mountain area with a high touristic potential – case study: Lotru – Parâng mountains, (4) completion of VALOT model, and (5) intervention priorities and possibilities of development for Romanian hardly accessible mountain areas with a high touristic potential.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: GIS, mountain areas, accessibility, tourism, regional development

Text integral/Full text