Ierarhizarea multicriterială pe baza indicelui global al nivelului actual de dezvoltare economico-socială a unităţilor administrativ-teritoriale din România / Multi-criteria hierarchy based on the global current socioeconomic development index of Romanian administrative-territorial units [in Romanian]

Antonio Tache

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper is part of the research project „OpenGIS system to monitor the impact of spatial planning policies - GISTEREG”, coordinated by NRI URBAN-INCERC, URBANPROIECT branch, aiming to use the Geographical Information Systems to analyze the impact of regional development and spatial planning policies over the regions of development and administrative units of Romania. The paper summarizes the final result, consisting of the identification of disfavored areas, where interventions constitute a priority.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: GIS, spatial planning, regional development

Text integral/Full text