Beton autocompactant (BAC) pentru industria de prefabricate în construcţii / Self-compacting concrete for precast building industry [in Romanian]

Liana Terec, Henriette Szilágyi

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper presents the results synthesis of the AMTRANS research program (period - years: 2004-2006), in which worked together the Na tional Institute of Research and Development in Construction and Economy of Construction (INCERC) Cluj-Napoca Branch, the Technical University of Cluj Na poca and SC ASA CONS ROMANIA SRL Turda, a precast concrete producing company in order to implement self compacting concrete (SCC) in prefabricate concrete production of our country. The main objectives of the resea rch program were to identify the appropriate materia ls for self compacting concrete realization (especially the choice of mineral additives and admixtures), composition design, self compacting concrete a chievement and evaluation in fresh and hardened state, the optimal technology setting for achieving SCC, its transfer from laboratory to the prefabricate unit and the study of self compacting concrete prefabricate elements subjected to different loads.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: self compacting concrete (SCC), mix design, concrete prefabricate elements

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