Laboratorul de cercetare şi încercări higrotermice, instrument de verificare experimentală a calităţii construcţiilor, echipamentelor şi gestionării eficiente a energiei / Hydrothermal research and testing lab, instrument for the experimental verification of the quality of buildings, equipments and efficient energy use [in Romanian]

Constantin Miron, Constantin Bogos

Rezumat/Abstract. This paper seeks to present the technical conditions and the main types of research and experimental verifications being conducted by the Laboratory of Research and Hygrothermal Testing for Materials, Building Elements and Parts at INCD URBAN-INCERC Iasi Branch. Another purpose of this paper is to describe the subjects of the research work done by the group of researchers within the Laboratory over the past 15 years. The main research papers, tests, expert studies, studies on the behavior of in-use buildings may be grouped in the following categories: verification of the quality of new products, products for the hygrothermal conservation and rehabilitation, for materials, elements, closing systems used in constructions and installations; homologation of the new building solutions or hygrothermal rehabilitation existing solutions; identification of the stationa ry regime specific thermal and physical parameters – resistance to thermal transfer, the condensation risk, the temperature range at the surface of closing elements, the global thermal transfer coefficient; determination of the behavior in case of water vapor diffusion; the accumulation of dew within the structure; determination of the behavior of thermally difficult areas: decks, joining areas, studs, areas with clamps, sashes, lintels etc; experimental determination of the behavior of non-stationary thermal regime closing elements – thermal inertia index, damping and dephasing of the thermal wave, phase displacement; technical agrementation of products, and climatic qualification of industrial equipments, under extreme climatic conditions.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: thermal transfer, quality, energy saving, comfort, sustainability

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