Comportarea planşeelor cu grinzi şi corpuri de umplutură la solicitări în planul lor / Behavior of ceilings with beams and filling bodies to soliciting in the same plane [in Romanian]

Claudiu Matei

Rezumat/Abstract. The article details several aspects related to the behaviour of floors designed to be made of reinforced or pre-stressed concrete beams (pre-beams), and super-concrete filled frames. The design of such floors shall meet the strength and stability requirements for gravity loadings and the requirements related to their behaviour as horizontal diaphragms (horizontal stiff plate). The load applied to the floors was the gravity load corresponding to the current useful loading, after which the load was applied horizontally up to the maximum bending imposed in the horizontal plane. Instruments were used to steadily check the deformations and rotations induced by the moving side. The maximum response of the floor to horizontal seismic loads was tested and the possibility to consider such elements as significantly rigid elements in the horizontal plane and their computer design were analyzed.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: pre-beams, filling frames, super-concretes, rigid plate, maximum deformation/ strain

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