Materiale ecolgice pentru construcțiile din Delta Dunării / Ecological materials for Danube Delta constructions [in Romanian]

Vasile Meiţă

Rezumat/Abstract. The diversity of environmentally friendly materials can provide for a specific architecture, traditional to the Danube Delta and complying with the regulations to be instituted in the area. The specific architecture could ensure the traditional continuity without influencing the characteristic ecosystems, if sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are used. Uncontrolled interventions and use of different materials alter the built heritage, leading to a visual and aesthetic aggression against the area, and could impact entire ecosystems. The recent aggressiveness of constructions, especially related to tourism, is an issue affecting some areas by non-compliance with the documents that made the area to become a reserve of the biosphere. In order to preserve the ecosystems, materials should be carefully chosen. This paper compares the old and new in the Danube Delta, presenting representative architectural works and others that do not integrate in the architectural landscape.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Danube Delta, environmentally friendly materials, sustainable development, traditional architecture, sustainable tourism

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