Cultură urbană - peisaj cultural urban / Urban culture - urban cultural landscape [in Romanian]

Angelica Stan

Rezumat/Abstract. Today, the sense of urban culture sends to the need of a particular comfort of living in the city area. Beyond providing this convenience - in terms of space and function, there is a need of urban experiment, exploration (even free), cumulative and somewhat indiscriminate information - a comfort of a freedom, even of a free will. We eat what the town offers, without being constantly aware of the contents of this information, sometimes harmful. We consume the city and it consumes us in turn. The information that the citizen "requests" is not necessarily required, but an exacerbation of an information instinct - we are "programmed to explore" from the beginning, gathering information as a germinating ground of future creations. Creation of urban culture has achieved over the centuries, through the instinct of personal or collective knowledge, through experiments, with gestures of acceptance or denial, in a climate of freedom of choice and expression.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban culture, cultural landscape, urbanity, periphery

Text integral/Full text