Evaluarea riscului datorat schimbărilor climatice în porţiunea românească a bazinului hidrografic Tisa / Evaluation of risks due to climate changes in the Romanian part of Tisza river basin [in Romanian]

Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor

Rezumat/Abstract. Due to their important effects on agricultural and natural systems, clime change constitute an important scientific issue. Among the challenges, assessing the impact of different of different scenarios plays an important role. This study starts from the Romanian contribution to the ESPON Program and proposes a GIS-based evaluation of risk due to clime changes in the Romanian part of Tisa river basin. The study uses data on exposure (current and predicted temperatures and precipitations) and vulnerability (natural protected areas, area under the Carpathian Convention, agricultural and forested surfaces). The results indicate that Timiş and Arad counties are mostly exposed, while the highest vulnerability is found in Hunedoara County. Combining the two pieces of information, the maximum risk due to clime changes is found in Arad County.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: clime changes, GIS, exposure, vulnerability, risk

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