The 2016 Olympic Games Urban Legacy Revisited: A Focus on Rio de Janeiro’s Non-Favela Youths

Hamed Goharipour, Amanda Iskin

Rezumat/Abstract. Since being selected to host the 2016 Olympic Games, numerous studies have addressed the legacy of the event in Rio de Janeiro. The significance and sensitivity of the issues raised, namely the displacement of favela residents, has raised serious questions during and immediately after the Games about whether mega-events are fundamentally worthwhile. This paper revisits the topic and shares the findings of four focus groups reflecting non-favela youths’ thoughts about the Games after years. The findings show that while many still have positive attitude to few aspects of the Olympic Games, social justice issues significantly adversely affected respondents’ views of the event’s legacy. Some believe that discrimination continues a long-standing trend in the city, exacerbated by the Games. We believe that the International Olympic Committee always needs a Plan B if things do not work correctly in the host city.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: mega-event, host city, focus group, Brazil

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