Measuring effectiveness of safety management system of multistory building: fire safety audit

Kashif Ali, Sajjad Mubin

Rezumat/Abstract. The fire safety and protection of a multistory building seems not only national, but a worldwide concern. To sort out this issue, there is a special need to pay attention towards fire safety management system of buildings. In recent decades no. of fire incidents to whole over the world increased to a very high level and yearly a large number of users died and a substantial property damage takes place. In this regard, effective fire safety management system plays an important role towards the fire safety of building and to avoid fire incidents and reduce its effects. The major aim of this article is to evaluate the existing fire safety measures by designing a fire safety audit, for a public sector multistory building, in which all the components of fire safety system will be inspected by considering relevant NFPA standards and UAE fire and life safety codes. By conducting fire safety audit, conclusions are derived and safety gaps are identified in existing fire safety management system, which may be rectified for effective fire safety controls. Accordingly, recommendations drawn on the basis of findings, analysis and conclusions for proper fire safety management system.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: fire safety, safety audit, safety management system, safety codes, multistory building

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