Blue-green nature-based solutions for urban wastewater - Enabling a circular economy

Sanghamitra Rath, Bharati Mohapatra

Rezumat/Abstract. Climate change implications are a major concern for urban areas. They are vulnerable to major disasters and pandemics for the sheer number of people depending on the limited infrastructure in a confined area. Responding to this conundrum will require directing significant investments and resources towards the right solutions in the coming years. It is also imperative for us to consider whether our current infrastructure investment strategy is adequate. Governments and urban planners have so far favoured grey or traditionally engineered infrastructure for wastewater treatment. These legacy systems need to change to cater to current needs. Nature-based solutions (NbS) and blue-green infrastructure (BGI) are an alternative to restoring and managing a diverse integrated ecosystem, with the least amount of construction or interference with nature. They are a multidisciplinary, integrated approach towards a regenerative urban system that enables a healthy environment and has significant ecosystem benefits. The incorporation of circular economy criteria for evaluating NbS solutions in the urban domain is vital to ensure its sustainability. The paper will assess the NbS applications and blue green infrastructure concerning wastewater in urban areas and their effectiveness and scope towards promoting a circular economy.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban wastewater management, ecosystem services, wetlands, blue-green infrastructure, sustainable urban ecosystem

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