Experimental construction learning. A method in vulnerability to get over gaps

Natalia Caicedo-Llano, Suzanne Segeur-Villanueva, Daniela Godoy, Andrés Anguita

Rezumat/Abstract. The "design-build method" is used in architectural education in different design programs in this field in Chile and around the world. It intends to improve the learning process of students by linking design skills with material experimentation and construction. Results prove to help students with academic gaps to reach academic skills in architecture. We proposed changing the traditional method by introducing an active one, consisting of doing full-scale models, prototypes, or basic structural tests. It allows students to face difficulties related to construction, making it easier to understand technical aspects. With this exploration, we intend to reduce failure rates without reducing the quality of education.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: model construction, teaching practice, thinking skills, learning outcomes, vulnerability

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