Empowering design education by integrating entrepreneurial mindset in studio pedagogy

Hemani Singh

Rezumat/Abstract. The discipline of design education, which includes creative fields like architecture, art, and design, addresses many challenges of contemporary education by inculcating creativity, adaptability, and lateral thinking among students. Despite this, there exists a gap between creativity and business. Since design graduates mostly operate outside formal structures, it becomes imperative to ensure that they are better prepared for the transition from education to work. In order to bridge this gap, there is a pedagogical need to focus on opportunities, business awareness and entrepreneurship. Design education is rooted in intensive studio exercises with creativity as the core. Accordingly, design students cannot take regular entrepreneurship courses from the business curriculum. The aim of this study is to understand the significance of entrepreneurial mindset in design education and to contribute in integrating innovative ways within the design pedagogy in developing entrepreneurial mindset. The methodology includes application of entrepreneurial approaches in studio pedagogy for a group of architecture students and interpreting the outcomes. The originality and value of the paper lies in its exploration of possibilities of applying entrepreneurial approaches to design pedagogy. This approach holds great potential in addressing the multiple challenges of contemporary higher education.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: entrepreneurial skills and mindset, design education, studio pedagogy

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