Foundations for Designing of Aerated Ceramic Mixtures

Konstantin Dmitriev, Aleksey Kharitonov

Rezumat/Abstract. The widespread introduction of aerating technology into the production of highly porous ceramics requires the development of principles for the selection of a raw mixture based on clay raw materials from various deposits. The effectiveness of using fiber for the cellular ceramic matrix reinforcement was shown in the article. The utilization efficiency of reinforcement additive based on basaltic fiber incorporated into the aerated ceramic mixture was proved, and the tailored composition was defined. The synergies between the durability of ceramic products and refractoriness temperatures of raw material input were specified. The test method of refractoriness specified the temperature of argillous raw material depending on the content of heat-resistant and fusible oxides in it was given. The correlation between the chemical composition of dry mix and compressive resistance of the aerated ceramic products of average density from 0.4 to 0.8 g/cm3, which allows assessing volume components of the raw mix for the aerated high-quality ceramic products production, was established. The relative criterion of resistance that allows classifying the aerated ceramic products by category and assigning them to the appropriate group was defined.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: aerated ceramic products, refractoriness temperatures, chemical composition, fiber reinforcement, relative criterion of resistance

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