Hip-Hop Music Decoded in Architecture

Arta Basha Jakupi, Festim Haliti, Teuta Jashari Kajtazi

Rezumat/Abstract. Although music and architecture have a stimulating relationship, we seldomly observe both in the same place and time. Different music genres have different correlations with architecture. This paper emphasizes and analyzes the connection between music and architecture, narrowing the investigation on hip hop genre and architecture. The correlation between these two is complex and rarely understood without a proper study. Nevertheless, these two disciplines, seemingly distant fields, share similarities that illustrate the same development path of creating. This study aims to extract and emphasize the most dominant characteristics of the affiliations between music and architecture. In contrast, this study provides a unique design and composing process by synthesizing qualitatively the gathered information. It converts music to an architectural model, a design that represents appealingly different architecture, or an architectural arrangement about collage, remix, and sampling, same as the challenging site and context of the setting, as an epitome of hip-hop music itself.

Notă/Note: associated video available here

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: architecture, music, space, hip-hop, urban culture

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