Methods of Approaching Natural Protected Areas from the Towns of Europe

Cerasella Crăciun, Atena-Ioana Gârjoabă

Rezumat/Abstract. Natural Protected Areas in the Urban Environment are increasingly subject to the pressures caused by urban phenomena - the most obvious being the expansion of the built tissue, caused by various pressures, including real estate. In the current context of climate change, Natural Protected Areas are among the main victims of this phenomenon. Those in cities are even more affected, given the weak or non-existent connection to an integrated green system network and an ecological infrastructure network. The paper presents the most important aspects of the European legislation regarding the Natural Protected Areas of the Cities, the way in which the responsible or managing authorities are established, the approach in the urban context, the type of management and the way of monitoring the biodiversity, the activities and the types of key-visitors.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: general urban integrated principles, decomposition matrix method, diagraphic representation method, ecosystem services

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