The Effect of Acoustic Parameters on Finding the Form of a Concert Hall Using Odeon

Pedram Hessari, Parisa Noormohamadi

Rezumat/Abstract. As concert halls are important acoustical environment for human being nowadays, achieving a good form (shape) of a concert hall plays an important role at the initial steps of design process. Therefore, the size and the form of the hall are vital factors which aid achieving the best results in acoustical design. The authors utilized the acoustic computer simulation program Odeon which calculated the parameters of reverberation time, clarity, lateral fraction. The study discusses with a seating capacity of 380. The article presents the result of acoustic simulations and comparison of the acoustic parameters of the proposed forms of halls by the authors. The purpose of this modest investigation was to achieve a good form of hall, which resulted in the form of horse-shoe shaped hall satisfying the recommended values of reverberation time, clarity and lateral fraction, with the reverberation time values of 1.15 seconds at 250 Hz and 0.92 seconds at 500 Hz satisfying the target (0.9 ~ 2.3 s), clarity value of 2 dB and 1.8 dB satisfying the ideal clarity value ([-1 to 3] dB) and lateral fraction values of 24 %, 20 %, 12 % and 10 % at mid-frequencies (250 Hz to 1000 Hz) satisfying the target value (10-35 %).

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: reverberation time, clarity, lateral fraction, acoustic computer simulation program

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