Preliminary study of philosophy and practice of ‘Healthy Scene of Futuristic Community’

Mengyang Zhou, Qiulin Liao

Rezumat/Abstract. The related theoretical research in the conception of futuristic community is not yet systematized due to its innovativeness to date, which is proposed the year before last under the refined management, digital revolution, and national health care. Based on the connection between its futurity and technicality, eco-responsibility, sociality vs. update, this study sorts out its basic evaluation index system in this paper. Moreover, complying with the digital trend, a stereoscopic mode consisting of physical & fictitious facets and three quadrants was formulated. Meanwhile, another planning practice was conducted in the Jixin futuristic community in functional integration and digital connectivity on this model's foundation. The prediction of future vital technologies will also put suggestions on enriching the theoretical framework forwards.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: functional integration, digital connectivity, Jixin pilot

Text integral/Full text