Assessing the Effect of Women-Only Parks in Promoting Women's Quality of Life in Iran

Mehrnaz Molavi, Farshd Hoseini

Rezumat/Abstract. The current research investigates the role of women-only parks in improving the quality of women's life, in Iran. The impact of specific women-only parks on the physical and mental health of women, in Muslim countries is undeniable, where women are confronted with limitations. The main objective of this study was to examine the mutual relationship between environmental quality indicators and women's quality of life indicators by assessing the impact of women-only parks on women's health. The current research was conducted using the descriptive-analytical method and employing descriptive and inferential statistics. To achieve the objectives of the study, 150 women (in different ages) as users in the women-only park in district 15 of Tehran, were asked some questions through a questionnaire. The parametric test and regression analysis were applied to analyze the results. The results reveal that women-only parks have affected women’s quality of life in the discussed society with a coefficient of 16.6 percent. In these parks, they feel higher levels of security and freedom for sports activities and social interactions. However are should be taken not to be gender-based in all areas of women's lives, and women should not be considered as minorities in need of support.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban women-only park, quality of life

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