Improvement of work of urban public transport based on passenger traffic simulation

Liliya Kazanskaya, Elena Proskuryakova

Rezumat/Abstract. The modern stage of socio-economic and demographic development of cities is characterized by the process of urbanization. Characteristics of indicators of transport activity of the metro of the city of Saint Petersburg are given in the paper. The maximum load in the morning and evening hours was statied based on a study of daily passenger traffic. The classification of metro stations was given based on the obtained models of passenger traffic. The model of the incoming passenger traffic of the N-station was built taking into account 4 passenger traffic intervals. The incoming passenger flow at each interval was described using a straight line equation. The values of the parameters of the line equations for each interval were obtained using the least squares method. A graphical representation of the model of the incoming passenger traffic of the N-th metro station is presented. The developed model allows you to manage the unevenness of passenger flows and is a real reserve for improving the work of the metro, facilitating the conditions for passengers to stay in the car, and rational use of the main means of transportation.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: territory development, urbanization, megalopolis, metro stations, mathematical model

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