In search for a realistic perspective on urban safety: The attractiveness concerns caused by mass-immigration

Tom Kauko

Rezumat/Abstract. Safety aspects comprise an important determinant of urban location choice. How negative social externalities and their mitigation influences the attractiveness of housing, business, recreational and civic locations in cities concerns both human and property rights. Amidst the ongoing immigrant and refugee crisis this also requires dealing with current hot topics such as immigrant ghettoes and asylum centres. This paper argues that, in the face of practical problems of heightened risk for violent crime including terrorism, solutions ought to be pragmatic rather than ideological. Recognising and managing these problems are vital pre-conditions for keeping urban areas and neighbourhoods liveable. A successful management of this situation could then be used as a strategy for city competition. This in turn would help us return towards a constructive discourse concerning the issues at stake here.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: attractiveness, crime, immigrant, safety, security

Text integral/Full text