Historical railway bridges of Russia as objects of architectural heritage

Liliya Kazanskaya, Valentin Sobor

Rezumat/Abstract. Historical stages in the development of world bridge construction are considered. The problem is noted in the preservation of historical railway bridges in Russia. These bridges are objects of architectural heritage and elements of the state transport system so the growth of cargo turnover, increasing loads on structures, increasing requirements for transport safety is observed. Historical and logical research methods are used in the paper. They include the justification of truth and analysis in the evolutionary development of bridge construction. The analysis of evolutionary changes in regulatory requirements for the construction of bridges in Russia is carried out in the paper. The reasons of defects formation of supports of the operated railway bridges are opened. The target state program should be created. The methodology should be developed to protect historic railway bridges.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: railway historical bridges, objects of architectural heritage, defects, bridge construction materials, architecture

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