The ventilation rate influence on indoor environment quality and energy consumption

Mihai Toderaşc, Vlad Iordache, Cristian Petcu

Rezumat/Abstract. In modern society, there are two aspects of inhabiting indoor spaces, which are difficult to assess by their importance one against of other: indoor environment quality and energy economy. The necessity of healthier constructions is increasingly severe as we spend more and more time indoor. In the same time, it is obviously that humanity is consuming more energy that it can afford and the need of saving energy comes from the obligation to preserve our life environment. In this study, we analyze how the ventilation rate influences simultaneous the indoor environment quality and the energy consumption in buildings. The aim is to show that correct settings of the ventilation rates can bring benefits for improving the indoor environment quality while decreasing the energy consumption.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: IEQ, energy efficiency, building operating, ventilation rate

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