Book Review: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg (Ed.) (2018), Castle Bruchsal. The Beletage – Baroque splendor newly rediscovered [in German], Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag et Media, Mainz am Rhein, Germany, 512 pp, ISBN 978-3-961760-47-3

Maria Bostenaru Dan

Rezumat/Abstract. In the last days of World War II bombing destroyed the Baroque castle of Bruchsal. While the masterpiece, the staircase of Balthasar Neumann was restored in the years after, it took until recent years to have the Bel Etage restored. This book documents the process of restoration which ended 2017.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Baroque, restoration, WWII, museum

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