The adaptability of the stakeholder theory in urban areas

Esma Belkaid, Abdessamad Alili, Walid Hamma

Rezumat/Abstract. From 2008, more than 50 % of the world population lives in cities, that is to say the importance of this territorial unit in the life of every one. The city is perceived as consisting of stakes and relationships which allow introducing the notion of stakeholder in urban governance and proposing the stakeholder theory as a conceptual approach to the development of the city as a complex form of organization. The literary review of the principles of the theory and the specificities of the cities as an organization allows us to support the adaptability of this theory to the urban environment. In fact this article is a contribution to how to design and manage our cities, drawing on practices of corporate management.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: stakeholders, stakeholder theory, city, urban management

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