<html> <head> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <title>Urbanism. Arhitectur. Construccii - Revista INCD URBAN-INCERC</title> </head> <body> <leftmargin=1> <font size=1><br><br></font> <font size=3> <div align="Justify"><font size=3> <li><b>Amara Hima, Abdelmalek Tacherift, Abdelkader Abdellaoui</b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_255_final.htm">Metamorphosis of Mass Housing Cities: Case of El Amel neighborhood in Biskra (Algeria)</a></i><br> <li><b>Farid Rahal, Zahra Hadjou</b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_258_final.htm">Information system for parametric architecture, dedicated to spaces allocation</a></i><br> <li><b>Mehrnaz Molavi, Ali Roshan</b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_260_final.htm">Spatial-physical analysis of the urban smart growth indicators (case study: districts of Rasht)</a></i><br> <li><b>Andrei Mitrea</a></i><br></b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_Mitrea.htm">Book review: Meic V. M., Tache A.-V. (Eds.) (2018), Evaluarea policentricitcii _i a zonelor metropolitane din Romnia (Assessing Romanian Polycentrism and Metropolitan Areas), Editura INCD URBAN-INCERC, Bucharest, Romania, 348 pp., ISBN 978-606-8165-23-3</a></i><br> <li><b>Maria Bostenaru Dan</a></i><br></b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_Bostenaru.htm">Contributions to WG4 outcome photographic database and competitions of COST RELY</a></i><br> <li><b>Fatiha  Debiche, Ratiba Mitiche Kettab, Mohammed Amin Benbouras, Bilal Benbellil, Lynda Djerbal, Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor</b>  <i><a href="../Rez/Art_UAC_262_final.htm">Use of GIS systems to analyze soil compressibility, swelling and bearing capacity under superficial foundations in Algiers region, Algeria</a></i><br> </font> </div> </body> </html>