<html> <head> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <title>Urbanism. Architecture. Constructions - Journal of NR&DI URBAN-INCERC</title> </head> <body> <leftmargin=1> <font size=1><br><br></font> <font size=4> <center><b>Published materials</b> <br><br> </center><font size=3> <li><b>Tiberiu Florescu, Maria Bostenaru Dan, Alex Dill</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v9n3a03.htm">Landscape  concepts of modernism and the current practice</a></i><br> <li><b>Mircea Grigorovschi</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v9n3a04.htm">International Urban Planning Day in Ia_i, Romania</a></i><br> <li><b>Mircea Grigorovschi</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v7n3a05.htm">National conference  Urban Concept , 16th edition, 17 - 19 March 2016</a></i><br> <li><b>Oana Popescu, Jianca ^tefan-Gorn</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v7n2a02.htm">Centre of Excellence in Territorial Management and Cadastre (CENTRIC)</a></i><br> <li><i><a href="../../Rez/v6n4a01.htm">In memoriam Ioan Sorin Borcia</a></i><br> <li><b>Nicolaie Constantinescu, Roxana Neac_u</b> - <i><a href="../../Rez/v6n4a06.htm">Information and documentation resources for researchers of NIRD URBAN-INCERC</a></i><br> <li><b>Alexandru-Ionuc Petri_or</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v6n3a01.htm">A successful week for NIRD URBAN-INCERC</a></i><br> <li><b>Alexandru-Ionuc Petri_or</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v5n4a01.htm">NIRD URBAN INCERC receives the 2014 global green award</a></i><br> <li><b>Miruna Vassopol</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v5n4a07.htm">Reinvent your N.E.S.T.</a></i><br> <li><b>Alexandru-Ionuc Petri_or</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v5n4a08.htm">14th edition of URBAN CONCEPT national conference  modern urban development in Romania</a></i><br> <li><b>Vasile Meic, Alexandru-Ionuc Petri_or</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v5n3a01.htm">Editors note on the special issue dedicated to the Danube and Black Sea area</a></i><br> <li><b>Robert-Alexandru Kosa, Roxana Neac_u</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v4n2a07.htm">Bibliographic and thematic researches</a></i><br> <li><b>Roxana Neac_u</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v4n1a12.htm">Thematic bibliographic research on documented attestation of Bucharest</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Alexandru Matei</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v4n1a13.htm">Refresh Soveja 2012  Sustainable regeneration, a chance for the Romanian village</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Olga Angela Stancu</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n4a13.htm">From college to retirement</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Alina Bile_teanu</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n3a04.htm">INCD URBAN-INCERC  National Dissemination Point of URBACT II Program</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Roxana Neac_u, Niculina Olar</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n2a07.htm">Thematic bibliographic researches - architecture</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Vasile Meic</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n2a10.htm">Message of the General Director of INCD URBAN-INCERC at the anniversary event of Professor Dr. Engineer, Dr. Honoris causa Horea Sandi</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Ioan Sorin Borcia</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n2a11.htm">Memories of a former... good colleague</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Emil-Sever Georgescu</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n2a12.htm">From engineer to scientist, or vulnerability and invincibility of the earthquake engineer researcher</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Horea Sandi</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n2a13.htm">Professor Iakov Moiseevici Eisenberg at age 80</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Roxana Neac_u, Niculina Olar</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v3n1a05.htm">Professor Doctor Engineer Aurel A. Bele_</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Paul Tnsescu</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v2n4a10.htm">Pages of INCERC history</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Oana Popescu</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v2n3a02.htm">DONAUREGIONEN+ project  2010 activities</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><a href="../../Rez/conf02.htm">Special section (vol. 2, no. 3) dedicated to the second edition of the international research conference on constructions, economy of buildings, architecture, urbanism and territorial development Human habitat and life quality under natural and technologic risks  a multi-disciplinary approach , 23 September 2011, INCD URBAN-INCERC, Bucharest</a> [in Romanian]<br> <li><a href="../../Rez/conf01.htm">Special section (vol. 2, no. 1) dedicated to the first edition of the national research conference on constructions, economy of buildings, architecture, urbanism and territorial development, with international participation  Sustainable spatial development  from territorial planning to the design of constructions , 29 April 2011, INCD URBAN-INCERC, Bucharest</a> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Doina Bubulete, Alexandru-Ionuc Petri_or, Oana Popescu, Elena Stancu, Alina Popescu, Antonio Tache, Ion Peleanu, Elena Trziman, Alexandra Antal</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v1n2a10.htm">Recent contributions of NIRD URBAN-INCERC, URBANPROIECT branch to national and European territorial research</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Vasile Meic</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v1n2a01.htm">Valuing results of research in urbanism, architecture and constructions from INCD URBAN/INCERC</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Alexandru Sandu, ^tefan Scafa-Udri_te, Iohan Neuner</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v1n1a01.htm">Beginnings</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <li><b>Vasile Meic</b>  <i><a href="../../Rez/v1n1a02.htm">Editorial</a></i> [in Romanian]<br> <br><br><hr width=100%> <br><br><font size=4> <center><b><a href="../EN/Index/lansare.htm">Official launching (November 27, 2010)</a></b> </font> </body> </html>